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Protect your entire home network

Shepherd Patrol quickly and easily protects all devices on your network from dangerous and unwanted websites and apps.  Computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more are all protected automatically.

Shepherd Patrol provides advanced DNS protection that prevents unwanted websites from ever loading.  You have complete control over what you allow in your house.  

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Adult Content

Keep harmful adult content out of your house.  Shepherd Patrol blocks adult websites automatically and can notify you when someone attempts to visit one.


Stop spyware, adware, ransomware, viruses before they download and stop them from talking with their servers if they do get installed.


"Your computer has been infected.  Call xxx-xxx-xxxx and pay us $xxx to fix it." <-- Have you seen this scam?  You never will again with Shepherd Patrol.

Email Phishing

Have you ever gotten an email telling you to reset your password and wondered if it was legit?  Shepherd Patrol will stop illegitimate pages from loading.

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Shepherd Patrol will provide you with reports of who does what on your network.  Find out what websites and apps are used and who is trying to reach blocked websites.

DNS is the address book for the web

You go to www.google.com in your web browser

Your computer looks up google.com from the DNS server

The DNS server returns

Your web browser goes to Google via the IP address

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Easy Button

Shepherd Patrol makes it simple to protect your entire network.  All that's required is one setting change on your router or network device and all of your computers, tablets, phones, and other devices are protected.

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Protect your entire home network and all devices on it for one low monthly price.



Get two months free when you pay yearly.  Same great protection with a better price.


Business Plans

Protect your business network with the same easy method with a plan designed perfectly for your size.

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